Press Reviews

New Haven Advocate
Stephen Vincent Kobasa - June 5, 2008
Review of national competition

Anders Shafer's "D.C." combines Ben Shahn's sense of space with the edgy dismay of the German Expressionist painter Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Whose past is this? Did we once know the story? To stand in front of the canvas is to be alive with questions; to want to find your way in this world, for all its threats....

New Haven Register
Judy Birke - May 29, 2008

Anders Shafer's fascinating work "D.C." based on the assassination attempt on Harry Truman in 1950, has a strong sense of immediacy and spontaneity, its gridded sequences filled with frantic activity and rhythmic movement. Densely packed with sequential narrative, the painterly movement becomes the ever-shifting meeting place between the stability of everyday life-people getting on buses, strolling around, touring the nations capital-and the instability and uncertainty of life, potentially changed in one instant.